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Notch Johnson 02-20-2018 10:05 AM Vicky Lopez

“I'm happy to be the first one to give this beautiful lady a recommendation because she impressed me by her charm and the way she wants to please her clients (I hate that word because I felt more like a friend or even a lover in this case).

If you seen her albums you will notice that she is a petite sp***** but what you would not know is that she is a mature lady with the body of a teenager. Firm small breasts (perky) with nice size nipples, also a firm bum that likes to be rubbed spanked and caressed and weighing very little she can be carried easily (for me anyway).

I don't want to go into many details of our encounter because we spent a beautiful 1.5 hour together and this reco would be very long to read, needless to say I'm still smiling a day later. One thing I can say is that she has an oral fixation, a great kisser and she****.....Vicky gets a top Notch seal of approval from me”.

*****for censors

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“Rosie I agree with you, she is a very generous lady, she is beautiful and full of energy.

All right!!!!! I have met Vicky Lopez, and I know that there have been a-lot of people on this board that have been to see her multiple times and are keeping her a secret, shame on you, you are selfish. So the TOFTT goes to Ms Rosie Sparks.

I have met this Vixen as she calls herself, she has a petite frame, with a very energetic body, she's a sweetheart. My 2 meetings with her were AMAZING, she also is a very giving Vixen, and she knows how to take care of a man.

For the price she is charging, it's a little steep, but oh boy she is worth every dollar and also with her time does not stand still, it flies by like the wind.
With me nothing was restricted, I think she doesn't do ***, but I am not sure. But the session with Vicky is memorable and leaves you wanting more when you leave. For me she is a 10/10, I rarely give this but when deserved it needs to be said.

Vicky: the two times I saw you were amazing and I can't wait to see you again and have another great time with you”

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“I had the opportunity to meet the most amazing woman on my trip to Montreal. Miss Vicky makes you feel comfortable and at ease right from the first contact in email. Our date started at 10 o'clock in the morning and she texted me at 9:30 and told me that she is on the way and asked if I would like a coffee and I agreed to one. She is very punctual and showed up at 10 o'clock sharp! Miss Vicky and I have some small talk and than she excuses herself to get dressed in what I requested and a couple of minutes later this small petite beautiful woman comes out wearing red pjs and a crop top. I keep thinking to myself did I die and go to heaven? We laid on the bed and we started caressing each other and man can that woman kiss! That morning I really felt as if she were my girlfriend and we were together. I won't go into any detail of what happened on the date but this I can tell you about her is she is very sexy, she knows how to make you relaxed, she is an amazing lover and a great kisser, with an amazing body and will treat you like a king. Later on during our date some unusual events happened to me in my private life and she was there by my side through it all and I could not have asked for a better person to be there, so thank you so much Miss Vicky for being there for me.
Vicky is a very special lady and deserves to be treated well and if you’re looking for a date with a small sexy lady who has a great personality and knows how to treat a guy great in and out of the bed, this lady I highly recommend, so guys treat her well because she deserves the best.”
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“...I have got to state that Vicky is the sweetest, most positive, compassionate & kind person I have ever had the good fortune to meet.... Finally, I've mentioned it so often, I don't think it’s necessary to re-state what a wonderful person & wonderful lover, Vicky Lopez is, but I cannot help but carry on about all of these wonderfully endearing qualities she possesses. I know that it is very poor form to fall in love with a provider, but with Vicky, it was impossible not to. No big deal - I am pretty certain Vicky is used to that.  I look forward so much to seeing this remarkable woman again!”

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