Here are a few important details to know and to help make our visit more enjoyable.

Please arrive well groomed and showered. You may certainly shower at my location if you like.
I do not accept paypal or wire transfers. I like the simple pleasures in life, gift cards at practical stores or lingerie shops are welcomed but don’t replace the tribute.
A cardboard envelope will be provided on a desk for your tribute at the very beginning of our visit for your convenience.


If you must cancel, please show me the courtesy of telling me as soon as you can, and 24 hrs is ideal.
If you are late, please let me know, I will sometimes alllow 15-60 mins depending on the day.
**A confirmation text or e-mail the day before and the morning of the appointment is needed so that I can make the proper arrangements to see you.


The general address of a medium upscale place in Montreal will be given to you the day of our session and you will be given the room number via text (or email if you prefer) 5 minutes before our appointment.

For my safety:

I do not exchange face pics. I require absolute online privacy.
For our very first encounter, a friend will text me at the beginning. It will not interrupt the session.

For your own safety:

Do not ask the concierge for anything for the room, or my name or room number. I prefer we keep our visits private. Call, text or email me before the session if there's any problem.

Please don’t brush your teeth or floss one hour before seeing me. I like to be as safe as possible to avoid contact with any lesions in the mouth.

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