Gentlemen, Women, and Couples:

Hello, I’m Vicky. 😘

******I’m on vacation June 26th to July 6th!*******

I’m a mature woman in my mid 40s and it’s been said often by others that I have a sweet, unpretentious and friendly personality. I can be silly too, I think it’s because my goal is to treat everyone with respect, and the little entertainer in me wants everybody to have a good time. Life is stressful enough as it is, so why not try to make it easier for others?
My tastes and pleasures are simple and I read about sexology and psychology. I am philosophical, intuitive, and my nature is to be sensual, affectionate, and playfully naughty! Sexuality is about the only interest that I take seriously in my life and since I’m more of a physical woman, I’m naturally interested in all of the practical aspects.

An affectionate, teasing little vixen is pretty much what you’ll get with me, guilty of wildly inappropriate behaviour while pretending to be a good girl. You can set the tone and I’ll follow, I don’t always have to lead. I only ask that you respect my limits. The evening will be our private little piece of Heaven. You're beautiful in my eyes, and it'd be an honour to witness you let go in those fun and tender moments. I have enjoyed a multitude of services ranging from the various kinds of massotherapists, (my previous field of work), to dominatrixes and MAs and have so appreciated those who truly listened to me and treated me special. I aspire to do the same and my goal is to give you the kind of experience that you absolutely deserve!

Sophisticated conversation is interesting but not at all necessary, I thrive much more on making a personal connection with someone in an intimate setting, sharing secrets and desires of succumbing to hedonistic pleasures; whether fast and furious or slow and romantic, there are just so many things to do. You can be yourself, I am known not to judge or hold expectations of others, and I’m a “take you as you are” kind of girl. I thrive on building chemistry and following your pace at every moment, ending with a smile on your face and the anticipation of our next visit.

I have medium long and wavy dark brown hair and brown, piercing eyes. I weigh approximately 110 lbs, 5 feet one inch tall, with a curvy bottom, and my top is a 32C. I believe that my physical looks are most of the time interpreted as a cute woman with pretty eyes, like a soft cuddly girl with curves. I never had children which may account for my young looks. Languages are English and French, and while I can speak French well enough, I’m more proficient in English. My nationality is primarily French Canadian with some exotic heritage, lending to high cheek bones.
I have removed any identifying marks on my photos, for eg a few small beauty marks but I assure you they have otherwise not been altered. I don’t sport any tattoos or piercings. I have a mix of selfies and professional pics.

I am genuinely attracted to women as well and have enjoyed them many a time and you are welcome to bring your girlfriend as long as it's not a surprise for her. We can make sure that the focus will be on her or the both of you equally, as you wish, and we’ll take some time to discuss the activities we’d enjoy in the first minutes of our encounter.

I realize that a large part of the reason you’d choose me and like me has to do with personal tastes. So if you have read all of my information and you don’t feel my bio says enough for you to get a good feel for me, then just ask me whatever tastefully written questions that come to mind. Getting accurate information is important, you are interviewing me too. I won’t engage in prolonged, excessive messages of course because it’s mainly out of respect for your private life. Do please let me know when I can or cannot reach you and I won’t bother you at the wrong times. If it’s the first time you contact me, you should receive a response within 12 hours.


Lascivious Duos!

Enjoy me in the company of the beautiful Evelina Lowell and the sultry Adrianna Smith of or several others. You only need to inquire. Or these two lovely duo partners featured below!

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